IT Security

Protect your business from cyberattacks with our comprehensive security solutions.

A single data breach has the potential to destroy your business, and with IT networks getting more complex than ever, it’s important to have a security plan in place. Our security package equips you with top-of-the-line software that scans your system automatically, this means you can go about daily operations knowing every file you store, send, or receive is virus free.

What’s more, Midwest Data will also assign a dedicated cybersecurity expert to monitor your network. This gives your business an added layer of security from hackers looking to misuse your data and destroy your reputation.

What you get with Midwest Data’s IT Security solution:


Automatically detects, analyzes, and deletes viruses, worms, and trojans

Email scam/spam protector

Keeps your inbox clean and relevant

Managed Firewall

Scalable protection from the most advanced threats without slowing network performance

Intrusion Prevention

External threats are kept at bay with our advanced intrusion prevention systems

Content Filtering

Restrict access to potentially dangerous websites and inappropriate content

Advanced Threat Monitoring

We detect and eliminate vulnerabilities to reduce the chances of a data breach

58% of all cyberattacks are directed at small and medium sized businesses.

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