Why digital transformation is a necessity in 2021

Why digital transformation is a necessity in 2021

That digital transformation (DT) is merely about replacing your manual processes with newer digital technologies is a common misconception. In truth, DT is also about changing your company culture to fundamentally improve how your business operates and delivers value to customers.

As the world continues to struggle against a pandemic and grapple with changing customer demands and behavior, digital transformation becomes even more critical for the following reasons.

Cybersecurity is becoming an even bigger challenge

2021 is shaping up to be a challenging year cybersecurity-wise. Remote working is predicted to be the norm even post-COVID-19, and cybercriminals are sure to take advantage of offsite setups by exploiting infrastructure weaknesses and bad cybersecurity practices. By migrating your workloads to the cloud, automating your backups, and implementing enterprise-grade security solutions, you can better protect your data from cybercriminals and avoid suffering a data breach.

There is a need for clear organization-wide communication

Various COVID-19-related restrictions have made face-to-face communication nearly impossible. This poses a serious problem, as you and your staff need to keep internal teams, partners, vendors, and other stakeholders regularly updated on business matters.

You can rely on email, but the medium can be tedious and impersonal. What you need are technologies such as Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) solutions that facilitate clear communications, enable real-time conversations, and have video calling capabilities. By incorporating such feature-rich solutions into your digital transformation strategy, you can enjoy better modes of communication that will keep everyone on the same page.

Using the same technology is necessary for seamless collaboration

When you have a team that’s working from different places and using different devices, there’s a tendency for members to use their preferred apps and tools to get work done. This can create organizational silos, or situations wherein information cannot easily be shared across platforms due to system incompatibilities.

Digital transformation doesn’t just mean implementing newer and better IT solutions; it also entails getting your workforce to believe in those investments. A digitally transformed business equips employees with the right tools that allow them to be productive. The right technology tools ensure the shareability of information and efficiency of processes, which are critical in a remote work environment.

Gaining a better understanding of your client base is necessary for customer retention

One of the top reasons why business owners decide to digitally transform their organizations is to be able to serve customers better.

Digitally transforming your business allows you to gather data-driven insights that can assist with better decision-making and pave the way to better customer experience, and, consequently, a higher return on investment. For instance, using data marketing and analysis tools will enable you to gather pertinent customer information that can help create a relevant and enjoyable buyer’s journey for a specific demographic.

DT prepares you for any disaster

True digital transformation permeates every aspect of a business, including your disaster preparedness strategy. When you have the right technology tools to support your disaster preparedness plan, it’s easier to bounce back from business disruptions and ensure that your operations will return to normal within an acceptable time frame.

In other words, a digitally transformed business is more resilient and agile. And at a time when you don’t know what catastrophe will hit your organization next, it pays to be prepared for anything.

How can you digitally transform your business?

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