6 Ways you can use the cloud to drive business success

6 Ways you can use the cloud to drive business success

Almost every business uses the cloud in one way or another, whether it’s web-based email or sharing and co-authoring documents on the web. But there’s a lot more to cloud computing than that. Businesses are taking advantage of cloud computing to enable better workforce mobility and effortlessly scale their technology infrastructure to meet the growing demands of today’s market. Here are five of the most substantial advantages of building a cloud-first environment:

#1. Reduce your reliance on costly hardware

Hardware costs a great deal to implement, maintain, and upgrade. In-house data centers are often working overtime as they try to handle constantly increasing demand. At the same time, breakdowns can cost a lot to fix, especially when you factor in the cost of downtime.

With the cloud, you no longer need expensive in-house servers and workstations. All the computing resources (e.g., processing power, memory, storage space) you need are provided to you from a secure data center for a predictable monthly fee.

#2. Say goodbye to technology obsolescence

Technology obsolescence has been a constant thorn in the sides of business leaders across every industry as they struggle to innovate ahead of their competitors. Regular upgrades don’t just cost money — they also lead to disruption and downtime. Cloud technologies let you host entire desktops in remote data centers access them through any connected device, such as an employee-owned laptop or a barebones desktop in the office. This saves you from blowing your budget on the latest and most cutting-edge computers just to get a leg up on the competition.

#3. Increase your adaptability to change

The constant evolution of technology brings disruption and opportunity in equal measure, and the fast pace of today’s market demands that businesses be as adaptable as possible. If they can’t, then they risk losing out on new opportunities and swiftly being usurped by more agile competitors.

The cloud makes things easy for business owners. You can add new users, implement new desktops, and add storage capacity with ease, instead of having to upgrade in-house systems.

#4. Focus on tasks that drive business growth

Technology issues often get in the way of employee productivity, particularly when people have to find workarounds to otherwise minor problems or operate inefficient and dated systems. To ensure that your employees don’t end up putting their skills to waste, they should be fully focused on the tasks that fit their job descriptions and drive business value. When you migrate to a cloud service, the provider will usually take care of the technology headaches for you for a small monthly subscription fee. They’ll watch over your systems and ensure it’s secure, up to date, and operating optimally at all times.

#5. Empower your mobile workforce

Any system that’s hosted in the cloud is accessible from any internet-connected device in any location and regardless of its operating system. This allows your employees to access the apps and data they need for work no matter where they are. In fact, the rise of cloud technology is precisely why many innovative startups have done away with traditional offices entirely and instead have fully remote workforces that collaborate and communicate online.

#6. Boost your business’s resilience

When you’re entirely reliant on an in-house computing environment, all it takes to bring your business to its knees is a natural disaster, a cyberattack, or a major hardware failure. By taking your operations to the cloud, you can have your applications and data synchronized across cutting-edge data centers across multiple locations. This greatly increases your company’s resilience to disasters. What’s more, since the cloud lets users access their files from any internet-connected device, they can access their files and continue working at a secondary facility as if nothing happened.

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