5 Things driving small businesses to outsource their technology needs

5 Things driving small businesses to outsource their technology needs

Business leaders face a constant battle to innovate ahead of their competitors and the ongoing threat of technological obsolescence. The rate of change is fast outpacing their ability to keep up, which is why many smaller organizations are now looking to managed services for outsourcing their technology needs.

#1. Improved service reliability

Although technology might be getting easier from an end-user perspective, behind the scenes is a very different story. Underlying infrastructures are more complex than ever, and those not best equipped to manage it run the risk of extended periods of downtime that can cripple any business.

To maximize service reliability, modern enterprise technology infrastructures need round-the-clock care. However, maintaining such an IT department is hardly desirable — not to mention economically unfeasible — for all but the biggest companies, hence the need to outsource proactive network maintenance to a third-party provider.

#2. Access to newer technologies

Computers quickly become obsolete from the moment you leave the store. If your competitors have newer, faster, and more reliable tech than you do, then they instantly have a competitive advantage. Unfortunately, if you don’t have comparable budgets and in-house expertise, you’ll be unable to keep up.

By turning to a third party, you can overcome these limitations and stay well ahead of the competition. Dependable MSPs have access to the latest technologies available, such as cutting-edge data centers and new business optimized technologies.

#3. On-demand budgeting

Upgrades aren’t the only major cost burden, however. There are also costs associated with unplanned maintenance, remediation following an incident, or new computers required to meet periods of increased demand.

Outsourcing your technology builds a software-defined IT environment that’s provided as a service and proactively maintained just like any other service. If you need to get a new employee set up, all you need to do is open a new account. They can use their own device for work. No more unpredictable costs!

#4. Focus on technology alignment

MSPs not only serve as technical support, they’re also expert consultants with a vested interest in helping your business achieve specific operational goals through the use of modern technological solutions. They’re an outsourced IT department who can either stand alone or augment the capabilities of existing in-house IT staff. Their job isn’t to sell you the latest gadgets — it’s to match technology with the unique conditions and needs of your business and its industry. Given the short supply of specialized enterprise IT knowledge, that’s a tremendous advantage to have on your side.

#5. Workforce scalability and mobility

Many business leaders have experienced that dreaded feeling when their entire infrastructure comes crashing down because it can’t handle demand. Others have experienced the burden of overcrowded workplaces and the lack of an engaged and productive workforce.

Fortunately, outsourcing your technology infrastructure gives you all the resources you need on demand. Furthermore, employees can access them anywhere, no matter where they are physically located or which devices they’re using. It’s this unprecedented degree of flexibility, mobility, and scalability that gives successful businesses the agility they need to thrive in today’s market.

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