Disaster Recovery

Your data is your livelihood. An effective disaster recovery solution can be the defining factor in the longevity of your business. Are you prepared if an ice storm, earthquake, tornadoe, severe heat waves, or massive lighting storms causes you to loose valiable company information?

While many companies do have a disaster recovery plan, that's often not enough. Ensuring that you are backed-up by a geographically diverse, secure, disaster recovery facility is critical to the solution. In the wake of terrorist threats and the recent hurricanes that hit the Gulf coast, several companies went out of business despite the fact of having a disaster recovery solution in place. The common reason among them was the lack of a geographically diverse, secure disaster recovery facility. 

Midwest Data Center can help you implement a reliable disaster recovery solution. Located in Northwest Missouri, MDC is in a prime location for a disaster recovery facility. For more key features of our building, visit the facility page.

Whether you are looking to protect one or many servers, call us today and let's begin building a disaster recovery solution that is right for you.