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SOHO Data Backup


Do YOU Have a Backup Plan?

Whether you need to protect important business information or precious photos, we have made it easy, secure and affordable with SOHO Data Backup.

Protecting Your Data Is Easy!

  • Our technicians assist you in setting up your backups.
  • If disaster strikes, they will work with you to restore your data upon your request.
  • Our experts setup daily notifications for you keeping you informed. Other solutions leave it up to you.

Protecting Your Data Is Secure!

  • Yourelectronic data is stored in our highly secure, geographically dispersed, state-of-the-art data centers.
  • Your electronic data is encrypted and sent using 128-bit SSL.
  • Your information is protected from natural disasters, equipment failure and human error.

Protecting Your Data Is Affordable!

    Pricing as low as $0.15 per each GB of stored data.

   A small investment for peace of mind and expert services.

Features and Benefits

  • Redundant, off-site back-up in state-of-the-art data centers
  • Easy to schedule (daily or weekly backups)
  • Block-level file changes
  • 128/256 bit encryption
  • Compression
  • Fully-automated
  • Email status confirmation
  • Windows and Mac compatible
  • Data Backup and recovery experts available, if needed.
  • Data can be restored quickly and easily


      00 - 25GB: $10             26 - 75GB: $20            76 - 200GB: $30     
Prices are per Month

Don't Take Chances with Your Electronic Information

External hard drives and tapes can become damaged, corrupt, lost or stolen.

                Protect your data with SOHO Data Backup today.

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