Network Security Analysis

In 2006, the Ponemon Institute found that information losses cost U.S. companies an average of $182 per compromised record. An average security breach involving compromised records costs an overwhelming $660,000 in expenses to notify customers and resolve the situation, as stated in the Mile2 training book. Could your business afford this?

Midwest Data Center can help. Protecting your internal network and the data that resides on it is crucial in today's environment. We offer a variety of vulnerability assessments and penetration tests to help you avoid costly security breaches. We'll work with you to develop and conduct the network security analysis that best fits your needs in order to protect your network from malicious attacks.

Customer service is what drives us; if our analysis uncovers security vulnerabilities, we will not leave you with only recommendations. Our analysts will work with you to develop and implement security measures to mitigate future attacks and help keep your data only where it belongs, with you.

Contact MDC today to have your security measures tested and give your company peace of mind by knowing your information is safe.